"Your Frequently Asked Queries on Data Recovery"

#1. After deletion of a file how long will a missing file stay on to my drive?

Ans - Not to worry deleted or missing file does not go anywhere but it will reside on the drive up awaiting such time you have not used that file space for new data storage or missing file is not overwritten. Once your deleted data has been overwritten by the new data it has been destroyed completely. If you are facing data loss problem then please stop or minimize the use of that machine until you have done with the process of data recovery.

#2. Is that possible to get my data back after reset or re-installation of Windows?

Ans - Yes it is possible! You can recover your lost files and folders using our data recovery wizard even after you have uninstalled or reset your Windows. Use “Formatted Data Recovery” option to recover your data.

#3. Does a drive permanently remove or delete data after Format?

Ans - A format process of a PC is not a critical method (except special commands of format are applied). Try not to overwrite new data to the formatted drive. Run a “Formatted Drive Recovery” using our “Complete Data Recovery Software”. Software will perform 100% recovery.

#4. I am not able to open the recovered files with software program applicable to the file type recovered. Why?

Ans - If so, your files were overwritten and there is no way to retrieve the overwritten data of files.

#5. System is not bootable or bad MBR, how to recover or restore files?

Ans - You just need to connect the corrupt disk with another machine as external device and run Complete BitRecovery Data Recovery Software to recover your corrupt device data.

#6. Blue screen is showing on my pc when my device is connected at the start of Windows, please help!

Ans - This is the sign of boot sector corruption or partition damage. It can happen to anyone due to virus attack, sudden power failure or incorrect read/write on the device.

Use a healthy machine as slave and connect your corrupt hard drive/disk.
Run our Data Recovery Wizard
Select Recovery Mode and start the scanning process

After finishing scanning process you are able to preview your required data which you cannot view previous.

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